Frequently Asked Questions


goa was founded in 1983 with industry experience dating back to 1959. We have the largest digital and static billboard business in Queensland and saw an opportunity to bring our resources, expertise and purchasing power to local businesses with our signage offering. We officially established our signage business in 2004 and since then, we have worked with some of Queensland’s most reputable brands to develop unique, cost effective and reliable signage solutions to get their businesses noticed.
We can supply and install all types of on-premises signage, whether it be internal, external, static or digital. This includes our standard products & structures, modified versions and completely custom designs to best suit particular locations or your specific requirements. Please refer to our gallery for examples of our previous work.
We have many years of experience in identifying the most effective on-premises signage opportunities within the constraints of your budget and statutory limitations. We back our reputation to recommend a signage solution which will present the best opportunity for your business to get noticed at a realistic cost.
Some signage is permitted without approval, but the majority require Council approval and the approval process varies depending on the jurisdiction, type of sign and the property zoning. We can manage your signage permit applications in-house for a fixed fee plus any applicable Council charges. This also includes providing your sign’s specific information and liason with the relevant consultants during the the development application approval process.
We provide conceptual signage designs which are developed in-house in consultation with you, your needs and the sign’s environment. The design of all large-scale signage with a structural element will be certified by a registered professional engineer of Queensland (RPEQ). Where the structure includes the installation of footings, a geotechnical survey will be included in the design process with services scans conducted on-site prior to excavation.
The workmanship on all static signs come with a warranty period of 12 months.
We are happy for you or your creative agency to supply LED or static artwork in common formats to specifications that we can provide you with. Alternatively, we have an in house creative team that can produce your artwork for an additional cost.
We have been working with LED screen technology since the 1990s and we introduced Australia’s first (and now largest) digital billboard network. All of our research and development into LED technology which has made us industry leaders in this space flows directly to our signage clients. We only supply LED screen products sourced from manufacturers which have been extensively tested on our own billboard network, where reliability is paramount to success.
This will require review of the structural integrity of your existing structure and whether it will support the additional weight of a new LED screen. We will conduct an engineering assessment based on the original structural drawings (including footings).
This is directly dependent on the screen’s brightness output settings. Our own digital billboard network includes screens which have been in constant operation for more than 8 years. Our recommendation is to make allowances for the screen to have an operational life of approximately 7 years.
We base our power requirements on an average consumption of 200W per square metre and a maximum draw of 550W per square metre. On these figures, a 2880mm x 1920mm LED screen has an average power consumption of 1.1kWh which equates to approximately 40 cents per hour.
All of our LED screens include the hardware required to control the artwork displayed, either in the form of a media player or computer. The computer is used in installations where digital content management software for your artwork is used to provide advanced functionality. We also have our own tested content management software, goaCLICK, available to our clients.
There are alternative methods for the transfer of data (images) from a file library to the LED screen. Our preference for reliability and security is a hard-wired Cat 5 or Cat 6 connection. Alternatives include a 4G modem or Wi-Fi connection within the sign structure.
Yes, all of our LED screens are intended to be controlled by you. We have developed user-friendly software called goaCLICK which provides you with the greatest flexibility to manage your artwork from any internet connected device, as well as screen brightness control and safeguarding. We will train you or your team on how to use goaCLICK before going live.
The software supplied with our LED screens includes a brightness control function which increases the brightness output in daylight and incrementally reduces it as darkness develops.
Council regulations prohibit sound and animation on roadside screens. However, we can connect audio and run animation on LED screens in indoor and outdoor environments which aren’t viewed from a public road.